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It allows you to read and manage your comic library
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Comic Seer is an application that allows you to view, read and manage your favorite comic books.
The program works with Windows and Linux, and has file support for CBR and CBZ files. To ease your work, the home page of the application welcomes you with a quick starting guide, where you can find out how the program works. It has a pleasant design and all the main functions are at sight. The program gives you the ability to adjust the width or the height of viewing, or to watch the comic on full screen, so you won’t have any problems with the comic’s resolution. There is a function that allows you to zoom, up to 4 times, which is quite helpful when the writing is very small. The thing that I like the most is that I can create my own library, where I can add my comics and organize them however I want. The program also gives you the ability to export the library to a text file. You can open more comics at once because the application opens them in new tabs. Another useful thing is the search function that makes it easier for you to find the comic that you want. The program also offers you the possibility to browse a comic, allowing you to go to a specific page. However, this tool doesn’t have an online search for comics. I think this function would have improved the application a lot more.

To sum up, I like this program a lot. It’s very easy to work with, it gives you the ability to adjust the resolution the way you want and it has all the options at sight. I recommend this application to all the comic book fans who need a fast and easy way to read comics.

Amelia Wagner
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  • Easy to work with
  • Search function
  • Library creator


  • Doesn’t provide online search for comics
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